Riding Roots began as the universe bought together minds, people and souls who had for long had the curiosity to seek what life had to offer. After fighting constant tussles between the ‘normie’ (mundane) and the ‘non-normie’ world, “people, bikes and ideas” came together to form the holy trinity equating Adventure. We totally believe in ‘there is no best way to be’, after all we are just a ‘pale blue dot’ in this ever fleeting space of time and consciousness. Hence instead of dwelling into the self-created existential crisis, we head together to explore what this ‘pale blue dot’ has to offer, and make memories that would resonate forever through time.


Come Join Us To Ride, Laugh and keep the vibrations tuned through our various themed bike rides. 

Our bikes are kept in top notch condition ready to take you for that adventure, spiritual, camping, luxury rides.

Ride the mountains of Himachal, mystic temples of Uttrakhand or in the land of the kings: Rajasthan with Riding Roots Adventure.

Janmeet Singh

Married to his passion, Janmeet is a Management graduate and a Masters in Psychology. After getting his first job in a factory, he transitioned through many different jobs only to actually REALISE his passion for Riding. He believes that learning never stops and thus started Riding Roots Adventure. This guy will leave no stone unturned to make your trip a memorable one.

Hanish Thakur

Simple, sober and a guy with a clear heart is how you can describe Mr Hanish Thakur. A very considerate human, Hanish also shares the passion for bikes and riding. He started off with bike rentals way back and has the most experienced crew and a slick fleet of bikes that will take you places.

Dr Anubhuti

Dr Anubhuti, your mentor for our 'Spiritual Ride', is an Ayurvedic doctor, Yoga guru, energy healer , tarot card reader and a seeker. She believes that everyone can realise their potential while she does it by going on treks, travelling, riding, yoga and meditation. Meet this wonderful soul to gain some deeper insights to life. She also runs a holistic health center in Mohali, Punjab.​

Pappu Bhai & Vikas

"Pappu bhai and Vikas are the two gems who will guide you through the rough terrain, the good and the best. Local to the terrain they know few of the world's best treks like the back of their palm. Highly experienced they will equip you for the best adventure camping be it Rupin Pass, Leh, Ladhak, Spiti, Kalpa, Chanshal, Kuppad or any other that you may have in your mind.​

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